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About Biotate

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It means that is made from natural and renewable resources, therefore it helps to reduce the dependency on limited fossil sources and the CO2 emissions.

Bio-based acetate also offers other advantages such as low toxicity.

All bio production is made inside our own factory, from granules to finished acetate sheets.

It decomposes over time by the actions of biological organism and processes, reducing the amount of total waste in landfills.

It creates less pollution as it can be broken down into non-toxic components and returning back to natural environment.

It produces much less greenhouse gas than petroleum-based plastic products.

Image by Dan Cristian Pădureț

This means that the material is “safe”.

Phthalates are industrial chemicals used to soften plastic and as solvents in many consumer products, which can damage the liver, kidney, lungs and reproductive system.

Phthalates have been restricted by many responsible brands.

Phthalates-free on both brown tortoise (block) and transparent purple

(extrusion) samples Result of “DEP” is only 130ppm, far below the market’s

limit of 500ppm.

BETA testing laboratory show that the

Bio-Based content in BIOTATE® acetate is 76%.


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